Principles of indexing journals in BazTech

Criteria for selection of new magazine titles to the database

New magazine titles will be accepted for indexing in the database after evaluation taking into account the following criteria, which are not obligatory but have an impact on a positive decision:

  • topic of a journal in line with the profile of the datbase: technical sciences, selected topics in science and environmental protection
  • the scientific or professional nature of the journal
  • reviewing articles
  • existing titles, abstracts and keywords in the journal in the language of publication and in one of the congress languages when the language of publication is Polish
  • submitted affiliations and e-mails of the authors
  • existing references (lists of literature used)
  • the presence of the title on the list of journals scored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • the existence of a title on the Master Journal List (Clarivate Analytics, formerly Thomson Reuters)
  • Impact Factor based on Journal Citation Reports
  • access to summaries and/or full texts of articles from the journal’s website
  • publication principles for authors published on the website and/or in the journal
  • declaration of transferring full texts of articles to the BazTech database in order to make them available free of charge on the Yadda platform, pursuant to an agreement with ICM UW

Obligations of the publisher after the acceptance of a journal for indexing in the BazTech database

  • providing the editors ofBazTech with bibliographic data and enclosed literature in accordance with the agreed procedure or consent to the retrieval of such data from information available on the website of the journal;
  • providing a file with an electronic version of the journal’s cover (approx. 200×280 pixels) and the permission to have it placed in the database;
  • the provision of one free copy of each issue of the journal (including archival numbers) to a designated library and/or free online access for users of that library, where access is restricted

The responsibilities of the BazTech editors

  • indexing in the database the articles, excluding promotional or advertising ones, reports, etc. published no earlier than 1998
  • complementing article descriptions with the metadata required to ensure high quality searches
  • taking care of the current updating of the database